About Us

THERMAL Alüminyum Giydirme Cephe Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. continues its activities in the face of difficulties, with the pride of acquiring a vision of a bright future that has come to this day, by making a name for itself with its success in branding and promoting its commercial reputation in the aluminum sector.

Our ongoing and developing portfolio and the “quality” we offer in line with our principles is the strongest proof of the seriousness and importance of our work. We have no doubt that the energy and inspiration we receive from our valued customers, will lead us to our future positive goals. In this journey we started with you, the solid dialogues and friendship bridges we have established strengthen our relations day by day within the framework of cooperation.

It is this encouragement and motivation from you that always makes us strong against other factors that hinder our economy. We hope that we have not let your trust in THERMAL aluminum company go to waste until today. We want you to know that we will work tirelessly to be worthy of this trust. We would like to thank you for everything.

Our Vision...

Equipped with its architectural solution and project production skills, it is to take a pioneering role in high moral standards in the supply of equipment, technical and technological products that will provide competitive difference and satisfaction to our customers.

Our Mission

Ever since humans have a place to stay, they need to "beautify" the place they live in, make it useful and add value to it. Today, these expectations are reflected in every place (houses, workplaces, shopping centers and even streets) where people spend their lives.

People demand that all the spaces where they spend their time increase in usefulness while being more aesthetically pleasing in architecture, keep transparency and view at the highest level while being safer against dangers, become more environmentally friendly in a way that minimizes energy consumption while being air-conditioned more easily, and similar changes.

In order to decide how to meet this ongoing need, we first identified our abilities, what we can do and what we cannot do. We positioned ourselves as a “curtain wall company”. In our opinion, the facade company is a company that works with the focus of innovations that create economic benefits, buys the works that everyone does, buys the standard, designs and produces the works that not everyone can do but that create added value. For this company, the words design, idea, patent, difference are indispensable.

In an environment created by all your needs, our mission is to design innovative architectural building equipments and to deliver these products to our customers with most appropriate way.